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Episode 7: Dont sleep on customer service

March 18th, 2019

1. Customers love to rag on companies that don’t support their customers.
2. Customer service isn’t something different but going above and beyond will help. The reasons why to help someone:
1. Happy people will fill out the post chat survey
2. Share their experience on social media
3. Use word of mouth to talk about the company
4. Remember who helped them
3. Have the systems to support pulling of information in a few seconds. Call a company and they know who you are without needed a ton of info
4. “We all know Customer Service is going to rule over the next 50 years of the economy, right? It’s not about “likes” or “follows,” but rather being likable and followable!” – [Peter Shankman](https://www.shankman.com/about/)



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